Save the past!

Now THAT'S a house!

Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, South Africa

I was asking myself this evening, as I rode past several gorgeous Victorians, sprinkled in among heinous 1960’s apartment boxes, how does one whip passion into a hapless and misguided society? As I cruised past an 1890’s commercial building that was boarded up, I thought “what a loss”. Wouldn’t everyone prefer to see a row of gorgeous Victorians, intact, in lieu of a patchwork quilt of McArchitecture?

I’m sure I should have been born around 1876, but besides all that, there is an “old way of seeing” that precious few still practice. To understand how “main street”, historic preservation, and beautiful old buildings help to create community, I highly suggest “The Old Way of Seeing” by Jonathan Hale.

Brought to you by Jennifer A. Emmer, Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Designer, and Fierce Preservationist.

3 thoughts on “Save the past!

  1. I believe you are a very unique person, I am so glad that there is some one standing up for the gorgeous buildings. These homes are absolutely breath taking! I think I should have been born during the 1800s also. I truly hope that (before it’s to late) this society starts to see that those buildings how you and I see them. Those Victorian homes are a beautiful piece of our history!! And should be kept up until the end of time, if at all possible! It’s sad to say that maybe in 100 years from now they will be in a book of past nonexistent architecture…HISTORY!!

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