Mystery Victorian of the week!

Mystery Victorian, Monte Sereno, CA

Building Hugger T-shirt

Building Hugger T-shirt

Ok gang. Here you go! See if you can identify this spectacular Victorian, located in Monte Sereno, CA. That’s the only clue! Meanwhile, I am writing an article about it, and by the time we have a winner, I should be ready to publish!

The winner receives this fabulous “BUILDING HUGGER” T-shirt (take a look at your selection here).

9 thoughts on “Mystery Victorian of the week!

  1. I think this place is pushing the Los Gatos / Mote Serno line. Isn’t this off Glenridge Ave, to Hernadez? The palm tree is the give away. I’d say between Apricot lane and Ellenwood. That or it’s the old Cleveland Esate on Saratoga Ave. If this is the case, I think that Monte Sereno starts at Rose Ave so it would be Los Gatos. I’m going through decades old maps in my mind!

  2. I’m going with ,it’s sits on hwy 9 ,is on left as you leave LG going toward Saratoga , the lady of the house baby sat me back in the 60s ,they have done a great job with this old Lady from the Past ..

  3. I am interested in doing some fine artwork of architecture in Los Gatos. I’d like to see more photos of houses/buildings with interesting architecture. I am particularly interested in old door knobs, and old unique gates.

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