“Pilot’s Row” gets long-awaited attention

Pilot's Row, The Presidio, San Francisco

Pilot's Row, The Presidio, San Francisco

Reprinted from The National Trust website.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Once headquarters for the Coastal Artillery Corps that guarded the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge during WWI, Pilots’ Row embodies the dawn of the era of flight in the American West. Understanding the usefulness of airplanes for artillery reconnaissance during WWI, the Army built an airfield along the Presidio’s northern shoreline in 1919. The field was augmented by a crescent of hangars and warehouses in 1921. At the same time, thirteen officers’ quarters—known as “Pilots’ Row”—were constructed nearby to house aviators and their families.

Today, these houses, located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, are vacant and have not seen attention for more than two decades. All contain lead-based paint and hazardous materials both on their interior and exterior and are highly susceptible to earthquake damage.

Grant funds of $50,000 will be used by The Presidio Trust to restore the homes for civilian use and to help preserve a national park and National Historic Landmark District.

2 thoughts on ““Pilot’s Row” gets long-awaited attention

  1. beautiful buildings. i have an acre in a funky rivermill town in nc and we are dreaming of a very small stucco/concrete house for four on a teacher’s salary – are there plans of these? can they be recreated at least in some respect? my husband artist builder will work waaaaaay too long so i have to choose carefully but these are perfect looking buildings to me…

  2. Hi Cecilia,
    Very good question. I’m sure if you poked around on the web, or called the National Trust, they might be able to help you. I’m sure the plans exist somewhere! Good luck with your house. If I find anything, I will be sure to email you.


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